C.G. Jung on Alchemy

I enjoyed reading ‘Jung on Alchemy’, a compilation of his various references to this subject, edited by Nathan Schwartz- Salant. What a revelation, to read that consciousness and its focal point ‘the ego’ have not been a constant for man over the ages; instead, he suggests, they have been an ongoing development. Jung saw consciousness … Continue reading C.G. Jung on Alchemy

Fu Xi and the eight symbols of creation

I’ve been mooching around various ‘creation’ ideas and themes recently. (Cut to the figure of a man, standing with his hands in his pockets slowly turning over a flat stone with his toe end, casually perusing the things that scuttle away) There seems to be a common thread running through these notions: ‘In the beginning’ … Continue reading Fu Xi and the eight symbols of creation

Jung: The dead, it seems, do not possess great Knowledge!

I was struck by a few lines in C.G. Jung’s ‘Memories, Dreams and Reflections’. They reinvigorated my own growing impression that this three dimensional world, of time and space, is really at the cutting edge of ‘the spiritual endeavour.’ It seems to be where the real ‘graft’ happens. The gems are mined here to be … Continue reading Jung: The dead, it seems, do not possess great Knowledge!

Coasting along the fractal boundaries

I’ve been tootling around the fractal boundaries of the Mandelbrot Set with the XaoS viewer recently. Here’s a few of the sights i’ve come across: To think that such ‘organic’ looking complex, infinite, fractal, similar across scale, ‘as above so below’ forms can naturally arise from a simple rule repeated and fed back to itself! … Continue reading Coasting along the fractal boundaries